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Shaikh Mohammed Ishaque A Hamid1*, ND Karnik2.
Department of Medicine, Seth GS Medical College & K.E.M. Hospital, Mumbai Maharashtra, INDIA.

Volume 9, Issue 1, Page 1-4

*Author for correspondence

Background: Hypertension is an important risk factor for cardiovascular disease and has become a major global burden on public health. The prevalence of hypertension is high and the prescription containing antihypertensive drugs is increasing day by day associated with other diseases such as diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, and cardiovascular disease.
Materials & Methods: A cross-sectional observational study was carried out on 200 patients diagnosed with hypertension at a single unit of a tertiary care hospital. WHO-QOL BREF questionnaire scores were filled in the CRF.
Results: Quality of Life was better in female Hypertensive patients as compared to males.
Conclusion: Quality of Life must be evaluated for Hypertensive patients so as to identify and improve affected domains which may help in controlling Blood Pressure.
Keywords: Hypertension, Quality of life.