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Bushra Iqbal*, Naeem Ahmad Khan
Department of Ilmul Advia, Faculty of Unani Medicine, A.M.U. Aligarh, India .

Volume 3, Issue 1, Page 18-21, January-April 2015.

Article history
Received: 15 March 2015
Revised: 20 March 2015
Accepted: 20 April 2015
Early view: 28 April 2015

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Background: Proper identification & standardization is mandatory to ensure the therapeutic efficacy of herbal drugs used for health ailments. All single drugs and compound formulations should be standardized according to the guidelines of Pharmacopeia to ascertain their quality standards. Aim of the present study is to standardize and to assure the quality of a Unani Non Pharmacopoeial Majoon (NPM) used for various liver diseases.
Material and methods: Standardization was made on the basis of physicochemical and analytical parameters laid down by National Unani Pharmacopoeia Committee.
Results: The parameters studied includes alcohol soluble content 11.46±0.446, water soluble content 19.47 ±1.120, successive extractive values viz. petroleum ether 0.683±0.025, diethyl ether 0.193±0.01, chloroform 0.589±0.011, ethanol 53.926±2.27, and aqueous 14.363±1.36, total ash 1.83±0.166 , acid insoluble ash 0.66±0.166, water soluble ash 1.3±0.05, moisture content 12.1±0.42, specific gravity 1.282±0.026, viscosity at 70% 603.833±22.540, pH values of 1% solution 6.306±0.24 and 10% solution 9.28±0.193. The qualitative analysis of various phytochemicals was estimated that revealed the presence of phenols, tannin, sterols/terpens, flavonoids and reducing sugar. The TLC profile of the extracts of non pharmacopoeial majoon was also performed which confirms various biomolecules in it.
Conclusion: This study helps in determining the quality and purity of majoon which is use in various liver ailments like hepatitis, jaundice, ascites, cirrhosis etc.

Keywords: Standardization, Non-Pharmacopoeial Majoon, Compound Formulation, Physico-chemical study.