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Mohd Aslam1*, Shadab Ahmad Khan1 , Muhammad Uwais Ashraf1, Anjum Parvez 1, Mohd. Owais2, Juwairia Ashraf3
1Jawahar Lal Nehru Medical College, AMU , Aligarh, UP, India.
2Interdisciplinary Biotechnology Unit, AMU, Aligarh, UP, India.
3AKTC, AMU, Aligarh.

Volume 2, Issue 3, Page 154-157, September-December 2014.

Article history
Received: 1 December 2014
Revised: 20 December 2014
Accepted: 25 December 2014
Early view: 31 December 2014

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Background: In recent years there has been much focus on the existence of generalized endothelial dysfunction in Essential hypertension. Also atherosclerosis, which is a key contributor to Essential hypertension, has been firmly established to be an inflammatory process. High blood pressure [HBP] has been associated with elevated C-reactive protein [CRP], a marker of chronic mild inflammation. This study endeavors to correlate levels of HS-CRP and other co-Variates (Age; BMI; abnormal lipids; blood sugar; Microalbuminuria) and different grades of blood pressure in essential hypertensive patients.
Subject and methods: Sixty newly detected patients of Essential hypertension over a period of one year, categorized into stage 1 or 2 hypertension were recruited in the study. Hs-CRP estimation was done by quantitative ELISA. Other routine investigations like blood sugar, serum lipid profile etc was also done to correlate with various parameters.
Results: HS-CRP levels were consistently found to be elevated in both the stages of hypertension. No significant correlation was observed between levels of HS-CRP and stage of Hypertension (p>0.05). Using Pearson’s Correlation coefficient, HS-CRP levels were found to significantly correlate with TG (P < 0.05), [BS(F) P< 0.001] and age (P < 0.05). Hs-CRP levels are elevated in essential hypertension, but their levels do not correlate significantly with different grades of blood pressure.
Conclusion: Hs-CRP levels are strongly associated with the components of metabolic syndrome (In our study fasting blood sugar and Triglycerides). Microalbuminuria though present in essential hypertension is not significantly associated with the severity of hypertension.

Keywords: HS CRP; Hypertension; Blood Pressure; Lipid Profile; Microalbuminuria.