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Sana Rehman*1, Mohammad Imran2.
1Aligarh Unani and Ayurvedic Medical College and ACN Hospital, Aligarh, U.P., INDIA.
2National Institute of Unani Medicine, Bangalore, K.A., INDIA.

Volume 9, Issue 1, Page 31-36

*Author for correspondence

Cucumis sativus Linn. (Cucurbitaceae) commonly called cucumber, kheera; is mentioned in Unani texts as khiyarain. It is widely cultivated as a vegetable crop throughout India due to its nutritional as well as therapeutic value. Its seeds known in USM as Maghz-e-tukhm-e-khiyarain are reported to possess wide therapeutic value as astringent, detergent, diuretic, coolant, analgesic, detergent, anti-inflammatory, anti-pyretic, deobstruent, laxative, calorific, blood purifier. It has been used to manage various health ailments like to quench thirst, urolithiasis, correct imbalanced humors, sanguineous inflammation, remove obstructions, used in cystitis, diabetes, bronchitis, diarrhea, and renal diseases due to its cooling property for the bilious diseases (Musakkin-i-safra) as well as hyperacidity in sanguine diseases (Muskkain-i-hiddat–i-dam). This wide therapeutic value is attributed to the rich secondary metabolites and phytoconstituents present in it, which act synergistically when used as a whole. It contains cucurbitacin A, B, C and D, ascorbic acid, lactic acid, flavanoid-fisetin, lariciresinol, secoisolariciresinol, pinoresinol, saponin, hypo-xanthine and potassium. The literary evidence of classical literature has also been confirmed by various scientific studies done so far, and it has been proved to possess analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-oxidant, diuretic, hypoglycemic, hepatoprotective, anti-carcinogenic, and have wound healing activities. This study is aimed to provide a brief review of Cucumis sativus Linn. As mentioned in Unani texts, ethnobotanical description and provide pharmacological updates. It can be used for further exploration and scientific revalidation of the drug in other pathologies, where it can be used efficiently for mankind.
Keywords: Cucumis melo, Maghz-e-tukhm khiyarain, Unani system of medicine.