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Fazeenah Hameed1*, Carukshi Arumbepola2, Priyani PP 3, Mohammed Zeinadeen4, Mohammed Aleemuddin Quamri5
*1Dept of Moalejat, Institute of Indigenous Medicine, University of Colombo, Rajagiriya, Sri Lanka.
2Dept of Community Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka.
3Senior Lecturer, Consultant Surgeon/Dentist, Dept. of Dental Medicine, Wickramarachi, Gampaha, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka.
4Dept of Moalejat, Institute of Indigenous Medicine, University of Colombo, Rajagiriya, Sri Lanka.
5Dept of Moalejat, National Institute of Unani Medicine, Kottigepalya, Bangalore-560091, India.

Volume 3, Issue 1, Page 58-64, January-April 2015.

Article history
Received: 07 February 2015
Revised: 28 February 2015
Accepted: 05 March 2015
Early view: 15 April 2015

*Author for correspondence

Background: Varm-e-lissa is one of the most common chronic infections in the gingival crevices is induced by accumulation of dental plaque. It is one of the most frequently occurring oral diseases at any age, but most prevalent and severe in adolescence affecting more than 90% of the population. To evaluate the efficacy and safety of Unani drugs in gingivitis, a clinical study was contemplated.
Material and methods: A controlled randomized single blinded clinical study was conducted in 99 patients of mild to moderate gingivitis. Test group (n=49) was served with Unani drugs and control group (n=50) with Tripala choorna for 28 days. The pre and post study effects were assessed by gingival and plaque indices.
Results: Test group showed statistically significant reduction comparatively earlier than the control group in swelling of gums, bleeding on brushing, bacterial plaque, Gingival Index and Plaque Index.
Conclusion: This study revealed that the test drug has shown precedence over the control drug by effectively reducing the subjective and objective parameters without any adverse effects. Therefore, it is concluded that the “test drugs” can be used in the management of mild to moderate gingivitis.

Keywords: Gingivitis; Varm-e-lissa; Unani drugs; Tripala choorna.