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Nitish Gaur*, Rajan Kothari, Vikas Jauhari.
Shivdan Singh Institute of Technology and Management, Mathura Road, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, UP.

Volume 10, Issue 3, Page 110-116.

*Author for correspondence

Besides creating an easy-to-use dosage form for treatment, a revolutionary drug delivery system will increase the safety and effectiveness of therapeutic molecules and improve patient compliance. One such strategy resulted in the creation of fast-dissolving tablets. Fast-dissolving tablets (FDTs) are becoming more and more important today as a result of the variety of medications they can be used for. These are revolutionary tablet forms that dissolve/disperse/disintegrate in saliva in under 60 seconds without chewing or additional water. A popular proton-pump inhibitor (PPI) in clinics and other healthcare settings is pantoprazole. These methods make Pantoprazole pills quickly dissolve in the mouth without chewing or the need for water, which is favorable for children, the elderly, and patients who have trouble swallowing tablets and capsules. The use of super disintegrants and the removal of bitterness is the fundamental strategy adopted in the creation of FDTs for pantoprazole. These oral dose forms offer numerous advantages, including self-medication, improved compliance, simplicity in production, and non-invasiveness. Fast-dissolving Pantoprazole tablets are described in this study along with the necessity for development, difficulties in formulation, suitability of medication candidates, composition, different technologies involved, features, disadvantages, and testing methodology.
Keywords: Fast Dissolving Tablets, Mouth Dissolving Tablet, Pantoprazole, Disintegration.