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Sabahat Afreen1*, Aslaaf Shaikh2.
*1Department of Physiology (Munafe Ul Aza) Ahmad Gareeb Unani Medical College, Akkalkuwa, Nandurbar, M.S., INDIA.
2Department of Medicine (Moalajat) Ahmad Gareeb Unani Medical college, Akkalkuwa, Nandurbar, M.S., INDIA.

Volume 9, Issue 1, Page 9-12

*Author for correspondence

In the Unani system of medicine pulse in different temperaments are found different. Because of dominancy of humor which is responsible for individual temperament consistency of individual humor are different so the pulsation of different temperament depends on dominant humor of that individual temperament. In this paper discussing pulse, which is different in 4 different temperaments e.g. sanguine, choleric, phlegmatic, melancholic temperament on examination through which an Unani physician can diagnose the temperament that could be helpful full during treatment. The aim of this study was regarding the pattern of pulse in different temperaments.
Keywords: Pulse, Temperaments, Humeral Theory.