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Volume 2, Issue 2, May-August 2014
  1. Biomedical waste (management & handling) rules, 2011: An overview.
    Himanshu Joshi, Gururaj MP, Deepti Joshi, Shreedevi B.
  2. Ranolazine: Current status and future trends.
    Muhammad Uwais Ashraf, Mohd Aslam, Asif Hasan, Juwairia Ashraf.
  3. Pharmacognostic, phytochemical evaluation and stability studies of polyherbal antiulcer syrup-A preliminary study.
    Sorabh Kumar Agrawal, Venkatachalam Karthikeyan.
  4. Novel spectrophotometric technique for the estimation of reducing sugar from papaya (Carica papaya) peels.
    Chandraju S, Venkatesh R, Chidan Kumar CS.
  5. Impact of socio-economic status on dermatophytosis in a north Indian hospital.
    Juwairia Ashraf, Tabassum Latafat, Mohsin M, Mohd Aslam, Muhammad Uwais Ashraf.
  6. Potential benefits of hijamah in musculoskeletal disorders.
    Shazia Anjum, Atiya Anjum, Shazia Jilani, Siddiqui MJ.
  7. A study on determination of prescription writing errors in outpatient department of pediatrics in a teaching hospital.
    Md Ather Ali S, Neelkantreddy P, Ansari JA, Riyaz M, Abdul Sayeed, Manjunath G.
  8. Study of microbiological quality of milk and milk products for the detection of E. coli and Staphylococcus in and around Hyderabad, India-A preliminary study.
    Fathima Hyda Iqbal, Syed Areefullah Hussainy.
  9. Antioxidant and anti-tumor activity of Mussaenda philippica sepal extract against in vivo colon cancer and breast cancer in mice.
    Lakshmi BVS, Sudhakar M, Anubindu E.
  10. Influence of volatile constituents of the leaves of Cinnamomum tamala on clinically isolated pathogenic microorganisms.
    Husain S Shahnaz, Ali M, Panda BP.