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Oct-Dec 2017
Volume 5 | Issue 4
Page Nos. 217-255
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Chemical constituents from the leaves of Adenanthera pavonina and Erythrina variegata and roots of Heliotropium eichwaldii.
Shahnaz Sultana, Mohammed Ali, Showkat Rassol Mir.
Drug utilization evaluation of the antiretroviral regimen: A prospective observational study.
Azra Farooqui, Mehjabeen Unnisa, Asna Khatoon, Umme Romana Ghouse, Md. Avez Ali, Mohd. Abdul Quddus.
Formulation and evaluation of Loratidine solid dispersions by solvent evaporation technique.
V. Rajesh Babu, V. Mallikarjun, Syeda Rana Nikhat.
A prospective observational study on the use of analgesics in a tertiary care hospital.
Fouzia Fatima, Juveria Tasneem, Sadiya Begum, Ayesha Sadaf, Ayesha Zubedi, Musa Khan.
Need of clinical pharmacists in healthcare centre.
Md. Israr Uddin, Saleh Hamed Rifai, Md. Atif Ali, Nasr Jawad Hussain, Syed Ahmed Hussaini, U. Ramchander Rao, Md Zahid Saif.
The scientific interpretation of honey with references to Quran and Hadis.
Md Faruque Ahmad.