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M.U.Z.N. Farzana1*, Mohd. Yasir Khan2, N Fahamiya1, M.S.M. Shiffa1.

1IIM, University of Colombo, Rajagiriya, SRI LANKA.
2TKDL-CSIR unit, Human Resource Development Centre, Central Govt. Enclave, Ghaziabad, U.P., INDIA.

Volume 2017, Issue 2017, Article ID 113, Page 1-15.

Cancer is a significant global healthcare problem with an estimated worldwide incidence of 10 million new cases per year and morbidity is high with > 7 million death per year. Among that breast cancer is a major public health challenge is often associated with high morbidity. The goal of carcinoma treatment is first to eradicate cancer. In last two decades, the treatment options for cancer are advances but those therapies have its own hazards. But now the world turned to an alternative system to defeat the situation by utilization of herbs. The Unani eminent physicians like Ibn Sina and Al-Razi claimed most type of cancers and its treatment based on the herbs, which are can be correlated with cytotoxicity, antioxidant, immune modulators and apoptosis actions and these herbs are safest and easily available. Therefore the aim of this review is to embracive information about Sartan e Sadi (Breast Cancer) in the Unani system of medicine to validate our eminent Unani physicians’ claims.
Keywords: Cancer, breast carcinoma, cytotoxcity, antioxidant, immunomodulators, Sartan-e-sadi.