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Md. Shivli Nomani1*, Jeyabalan Govinda Samy2.

1Department of Pharmacy, SunRise University, Bagard Rajput, Alwar, Rajasthan, India.
2Department of Pharmacy, Alwar Pharmacy College, Alwar, Rajasthan, India.

Volume 2016, Issue 2016, Article ID 92, Page 1-10.

Nanoliposome, or submicron bilayer lipid vesicle, is a new technology for the encapsulation and delivery of bioactive agents. The list of bioactive material that can be incorporated to nanoliposomes is huge, ranging from pharmaceuticals to cosmetics and nutraceuticals. Nanoliposomes have been used to improve the therapeutic index of new or established drugs by modifying drug absorption, reducing metabolism, prolonging biological half-life and reducing toxicity. The sole characteristic of nanoliposomes is their ability to compartmentalize and solubilize both hydrophilic and hydrophobic materials. This sole characteristic, coupled with biocompatibility and biodegradability make nanoliposomes very attractive as drug delivery vehicles. This review article intends to provide an overview of liposomes and nanoliposomes their properties, preparation methods and evaluation parameters. Also it explains various applications of nanoliposomes in nanotherapy including diagnostics, targeted cancer, gene therapy, cosmetics and nutraceuticals.
Keywords: Liposome, Nanoliposome, Lipidic carrier, Nanotherapy.