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Shahid Suhail1*, S. Shakir Jamil1, Shazia Jilani1, Umar Jahangir1, Mohd. Wajeehul Qamar2.
1Department of Moalajat, School of Unani Medicine, JamiaHamdard, New Delhi-62, INDIA.
2Department of Ilmul Advia, School of Unani Medicine, JamiaHamdard, New Delhi‐62, INDIA.

Volume 2017, Issue 2017, Article ID 127, Page 01-06.

*Author for correspondence

Habb/ Pill (Plural: Huboob) is a solid medicinal preparation, made by mixing powdered drugs in a suitable binder (Water/Oil/Resin of plant) and made into round and uniformly shaped balls of the required size. Habb-e-Suranjaan is one of the common Huboob or pills used in Unani system of medicine from ancient time. This polyherbal formulation is being used as an analgesic for treatment of various types of joint disorders and nerve pains like Waja’-al-Mafaasil (Arthralgia), Waja’-al-A’saab (Neuralgia) Irq-al-Nasa (Sciatica), Niqris (Gout) etc. It is also used in Qabz (Constipation). Its different Nuskhajaat (formulations) are mentioned in Unani books. The purpose of this review is to discuss different formulations of Habb-e-Suranjaan, their doses and therapeutic uses.
Keywords: Habb, Pill, Habb-e-Suranjaan,Waja -al-Mafaasil, Unani medicine.